9.1.1 Overview

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network. This network is an integrated platform that provides developers with tools and data to help them develop various types of smart contracts on any platform. Chainlink is both an oracle and a flexible framework that provides developers with a secure and reliable oracle solution.

In the BSN Testnet, users can use the IRITA-based cross-chain architecture to invoke the Chainlink oracle services, and the services currently available for trial in the Testnet is eth_usdt_price service.

Testne Framework Chain ID
BSN China/Internatiol IRITA 10227431719070003

The business process is as follows:

(1) Appchain in the BSN triggers cross-chain transaction request, and the user contract invokes management contract.

(2) Relayer triggers monitor event.

(3) Relayer sends the data request to IRITA Hub in the Interchain Communications Hub.

(4) Provider triggers monitor event.

(5) Provider sends cross-chain request to BSN Oracle Service.

(6) BSN Oracle Service initiates a request to Chainlink Oracle.

(7) Chainlink Oracle returns the request result to BSN Oracle Service.

(8) Provider receives the response to the cross-chain request from the corresponding chain/service.

(9) Provider submits the received response to IRITA Hub.

(10) Relayer receives the response from IRITA Hub.

(11) Data is sent back to the BSN appchain that originally initiated the request.

(12) The user queries the result of the request.

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