The View option allows the publisher to view all the details of the published service including Basic Information, Chaincode and Deployment, Roles, Review Records, Operating Status, Comments/Inquiries, and Historical Version. To view these options, follow these steps:

1. In the list of published services, locate the service to be edited. In the Action column of the service, click Details to display the view page tabs.

2. In the Basic Information tab, you can see all the details of the service that has been deployed including the Service Name, Industry, Version, Framework, Service Logo, Service Introduction, Service Description, Documents, and Contact Information.

3. In the Chaincode and Deployment tab, the information that can be viewed includes the Chaincode Package, Service Functions, and City Nodes.

4. In the Roles tab, the roles and their related functions are listed. To View a role, click on the view link for that role name.

5. In the Review Records tab, you will see all the requested approval and their status as well as time logs.

6. The Operating Status tab shows more information about the published service than any other tab. It shows the parameters of City Nodes, number of transactions, Peer Information, Chaincodes, Blocks, and Logs of how the activities took place.

7. The Comments/Inquiries tab shows the comments made on the published service that can be viewed by the publisher.

8. The Historical Version tab shows the history of the service including the Service Name, Version, Industry, Service Introduction, and Action.

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