Define Service Functions and Roles

1. By selecting a Preset Chaincode Package, a set of automatic service functions are added to the service and each of the functions can be Edited or Deleted.

2. If you wish to add more functions, click the Add Functions button to display the dialog box. In it, enter or select the following:

  • Function Name – Enter a name for the function
  • Chaincode Name – Select from the list of chain codes
  • Chaincode FUNC type – Choose from invoke, query or event
  • Chaincode FUNC – Enter a description of the function
  • Superior Functions – Select a function from the list of functions in the system

3. Click Confirm to add it to the functions.

4. When the Use Preset Chaincode package is selected, a system administrator role is automatically created with full access to the published service. To create another role, Click Add Roles to display the Add Roles function and enter or select the following:

  • Role Name – Enter a role name

  • Description – Enter a description for the role

  • Function Permissions – Choose one or more from the DApp’s existing functions, for example: SaveData, UpdateData, RemoveData, QueryData, and Query historical data from the Preset Chaincode Package.

5. When done, click Confirm to add the role.

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