5.4 Off-BSN System Access Guide

5.4.1 Overview

Blockchain-based Service Network (hereinafter “Service Network” or “BSN”) is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global infrastructure network to deploy and operate all types of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) applications (DApp).

BSN aims to lower the cost of developing and deploying DApps by providing public blockchain resources and environment to developers, just like the internet. It can further reduce the costs associated with the development, deployment, operations, maintenance, and regulation of DApps and, thereby, accelerate the development and universal adaptation of blockchain and DLT technologies.

A complete DApp system based on BSN generally consists of two parts: the on-BSN DApp smart contracts and the off-BSN systems. The off-BSN systems use the BSN Public City Note (PCN) gateways to invoke the DApp smart contracts deployed on the PCN to carry out on-chain operations such as executing transactions, writing data chain, data queries, etc. The DApp service publishers and participants can deploy their off-BSN systems on any cloud services they choose and then connect to the BSN PCN gateways through the internet access DApp smart contracts and data.


The BSN DApp service publishers and participants should have their off-BSN systems so that they can access the DApp smart contracts to execute transaction and query data via the PCN gateway APIs. The following are the charts to show the connecting flow and transaction sequences.

Off-BSN System Connection Flow:


Off-BSN System calling sequence:

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